Gamma Basics

develops software for the radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic imaging markets. Our goal is to develop software that solve problems in niche areas of these markets that are underserved by other software vendors. Our team has a unique combination of skills that allows us to make the best possible software solutions for our market.

Mike Portrait

Mike Kijewski -

As a recent college graduate, I was certain that I wanted to be a high school physics teacher for my entire career. After three fantastic years of sharing my love of physics with students in Chester County, PA, I realized that I needed to devote myself to healthcare entrepreneurship. I spent several years working for various companies in the radiation oncology industry before enrolling in a graduate medical physics program. I wasted little time after starting graduate school before launching Gamma Basics in the hopes of bringing innovative software applications to medical physicists around the world.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics from West Chester University, a Master of Medical Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In my free time I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, writing and playing music, and spending time with my wife, family, and dogs.

Bill Fenstermaker

Bill Fenstermaker -

I have spent the last ten years working in various capacities for four different Philadelphia area start-up companies. At each stop I’ve taken on more and more technical and operational responsibility. As the Network Architect and Director of Operations at and Sivoo respectively I leveraged technology to ensure the continued availability and viability of each company’s Internet based businesses.

As Co-Founder and COO of Gamma Basics I wear many hats. In addition to some of my technical responsibilities, my day consists of anything and everything from: taxation, corporate structure, company valuation, fund-raising, budget, customer contracts, product licensing, corporate/product strategy, customer negotiations, and cash-flow management.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The College of New Jersey, and when I'm not competing in local soccer leagues, I enjoy spending time with my wife, our new daughter and friends.

Eric Pancoast

Eric Pancoast -

Since Gamma Basics, Inc.'s inception in early 2009, I have served as the company's CTO and co-founder. I bring my expertise in software engineering to the team, along with six years of experience in managing lean-mean-startup development teams. I welcome the daily challenge of balancing business and technology and relish the opportunity to contribute both science and creativity in my work at Gamma Basics.

After earning my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Philadelphia's Drexel University, I worked at a number of organizations, including WebLinc, Lockheed Martin, University of Pennsylvania, and Sivoo. Just prior to co-founding Gamma Basics, my two business partners and I formed a company called Mimeya Technology.

Through the years I have been responsible for creating a number of new software technologies. Early in my career I focused on the development of software to solve workflow, content management, and high-demand web application problems. My move to academia afforded me the opportunity to create a comprehensive set of information extraction and workflow tools to support the research efforts outlined by the National Science Foundation grant #EIA-0205448. My venture into the early online video market allowed me to engineer a cutting-edge video content ingestion, management, transcoding, and distribution system, as well as explore the challenge of promoting the system as a product in the emerging market. In forming Mimeya I have gained invaluable experience in running a business while balancing the engineering efforts associated with developing complex software technology.

When I'm not playing techie and entrepreneur, I enjoy snowboarding and spending time with my wife, family, and friends.

Jeff Ronis

Jeff Ronis -

I am a serial technology entrepreneur whose entire career has been focused on either starting technology businesses or helping early stage start-ups build tech solutions. I have over 10 years experience working at three successful start-ups including Sivoo, Inc., Mimeya Technology, and Gamma Basics.

As a technologist I have worked through the entire Software Development Life Cycle on dozens of open-source and proprietary projects, including e-commerce installation and programming, content management system installation and programming, desktop application design, and website design. In addition to my computer programming skills, I am an efficient and successful project manager, strategic planner, and I am particularly good at translating customer needs into engineering solutions.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the Annenberg School For Communication at the University of Pennsylvania as well as a Master's of Computer and Information Technology from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, also at the University of Pennsylvania.

When I'm not at work, you can find me enjoying time with friends and family, especially when it involves movies, nature, food, and boardgames (or anything competitive they tell me).