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Complete Physics Design Services In As Little As 24 Hours

Landauer Medical Physics offers complete shielding design consulting services. Their physicists will work with your clinicians to determine appropriate design parameters, while working with your architect to ensure proper structural design. And grayCAD's efficient workflow allows us to deliver complete, accurate, regulatory-compliant designs in as little as 24 hours.

Expert Physicists Powered by Advanced Software

Not only are LMP physicists experts in medical radiation shielding design, they are the only consulting physicists that have the full power of grayCAD at their disposal. Other consultants may design your shielding using 10 to 15 key calculation points. Using grayCAD, LMP's physicists will be checking literally millions of locations around your facility looking for even the smallest shielding discrepancy.
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User-Friendly Reports

Physics reports generated by grayCAD and LMP's consultants are easily understood by architects and contractors, but include all of the physics detail needed for state and local regulators to ensure that the shielding calculations are accurate. Reports include a heat map of your facility, showing dose rates in an easily interpreted format.

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