Cloud-based equipment QA data entry, management, and analytics.

gammaQA helps medical physicists manage their equipment quality assurance procedures using a modern, cloud-based web application. No more managing QA data distributed between binders, Word documents, and desktop software applications that manage just portions of your data.

Make the most of your data.

Equipment dashboards give you a snapshot image of the performance of any piece of equipment at any given time. And since your data is stored in the cloud, we can tell you how your equipment is performing compared to users all over the world. When you create your daily / monthly / annual QA regimen in gammaQA, we can tell you what percentage of users around the world are performing a given test for a given QA interval.

Easy data import / export

We want you to be able to complete your routine QA tests safely, effectively, but also quickly! If you use QA hardware such as 2D arrays and scanning water tanks, you will be able to import data directly into gammaQA. What if we don't support a piece of hardware you have? Let us know! We are working to support the largest collection of QA hardware possible.

You can also download your QA data in .xls format at any time. Your data is never locked into our platform.

Start For Free. No Credit Card Required.

Create an account, right now, for free, and immediately start logging QA data. Your account will be active for 90 days. No obligation. If you love gammaQA as much as we do, you'll only pay $99 USD per machine per month to continue managing your data. Cancel at any time, and take your data with you when you leave. Click here to register.