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Millions of Calculations

Most radiation shielding designs were completed by a physicist choosing a handful of calculation points around a room that they feel are representative of the room's shielding needs. This type of low-resolution analysis opens the door for all kinds of shielding errors, from leaks around doors to tiny areas of patient scattered radiation that are missed unless specifically sought out. GrayCAD performs dose calculations at millions of points around your facility with sub-millimeter resolution, to ensure that no hot spots are missed.
Millions of Calculations
grayCAD Graphical Models

Graphical Models

GrayCAD is the worlds only medical radiation shielding software specifically designed to streamline the analysis of radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, and nuclear medicine facilities. Users build a model of their facility, place a virtual radiation source, and see the resulting radiation dose rates displayed numerically and graphically. Dose rates are calculated according to NCRP 151 calculation methodologies.

Heat Maps

Medical physicists are accustomed to seeing radiation dose rates displayed as colors superimposed over CT scans in treatment planning software. GrayCAD uses that same concept, generating a heat map that displays radiation doses superimposed over architectural drawings. This allows users to detect deficiencies in shielding that would be missed when performing calculations "by hand."
grayCAD Protection Zones

Protection Zones & Survey Points

When physicists design radiation shielding without using grayCAD, they must choose a handful of points for which to assess the shielding requirements. GrayCAD performs shielding calculations across large 2D "protection zones" that have the same dose limits and occupancies. This allows users to assess the shielding design across a seemingly infinite number of points in an adjacent space, not just one or two locations. Once a user has designed shielding for their protection zones, virtual survey points are placed in key locations around the room. Physics data for these survey points are displayed in the shielding report generated by grayCAD.

Predefined Radiation Sources

GrayCAD comes with publicly available physics data for various medical radiation sources, including linear accelerators, high-dose rate afterloaders, and CT scanners*. Don't see a radiation source you need? Gamma Basics support will be happy to obtain the required physics data for you.
grayCAD Tools

Advanced Tools

Physicists use a variety of high tech tools to keep their patients safe. GrayCAD includes multiple virtual tools to help ensure the safety of your design. The real time dose rate monitor (RTDRM) allows you to see the breakdown of different radiation doses at locations around your facility. The summary panel allows you to see the dose rates of every survey point and protection zone in your project, as well as their pass/fail status. The build shielding function automatically increases your barrier thicknesses until protection zone limits are met. The maze tool makes quick work of complicated maze and door calculations.

Beautiful Reports

Once your project is complete, grayCAD generates formatted shielding reports that include all the data a regulator would need in order to validate your design. GrayCAD reports are formatted using LaTeX, meaning that the formatting conventions will match academic publication formats used in scientific publishing. Need to make a quick change in your project? Report generation takes seconds and will effortlessly propagate changes in your project throughout your report.
grayCAD Reports
grayCAD Server

Enterprise Users

GrayCAD has been deployed within large organizations of users, like equipment vendors and architectural firms. The optional grayCAD Server module allows groups of users to manage and collaborate on large groups of projects. Automatic project numbering, revisioning, as well as user administration and physics data publication make using grayCAD in a team environment a breeze.

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